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Work With Us

BIGD is a fast-growing research and academic institute committed to bringing positive social change. We are a proud Bangladeshi institute with deep local roots and wide global wings; we aspire to combine our invaluable local knowledge with the best global practices in research and education to claim our space among the internationally-recognized research institutes and think tanks.

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We believe that our mission can only be delivered by providing an opportunity to talented Bangladeshi researchers to realize their full potential. That is why we empower our scholars to design and deliver meaningful research projects on the issues they care about. But more importantly, we provide intensive training and mentoring, on-the-job as well as formal, to our young researchers so that they can quickly acquire valuable research experience and international-standard capabilities. Our researchers are constantly exchanging ideas with our expanding global network of researchers working in some of the best universities around the world, a unique opportunity—in Bangladesh context—to develop superior research acumen.

Working at BIGD is also fun. We realize that our mission is lofty and thus we all need to own it, be inspired, and inspire others so that we can continue to strive and excel. That is why we have tried to create a workspace that inspires, a vibrant, playful space that makes us desire to be there, inspires our imagination, and allows our potential to blossom. We have ample gardening opportunities to connect with our roots, white spaces to express our creativity, and light-filled coffee tables where we cross-fertilize and enrich our ideas over a cup of coffee. We nurture a culture of openness, where we learn from each other, irrespective of our position, and grow together.

If you share our passion, if you are committed to excel in research that matters, and if you are attracted by our philosophy and culture, BIGD is the place for you.

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We value our interns as much as we value our young researchers. Internships are an integral part of education and we take it seriously. We always welcome aspiring researchers to explore internship opportunities with us. If you are interested to pursue an internship at BIGD, please leave your CV below.


Young Researchers Fellowship Program

BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) is pleased to announce the Young Researchers Fellowship (YRF) Program, which will provide opportunities for experiential learning on research methodology and other crucial research skills to budding social scientists. The four-month-long program is designed to provide training on applied research methods; hands-on experience of different components (e.g. survey designing, survey instrument development, field activities, etc.) of social science research; and mentoring from senior researchers on social science research. Suitable program participants will be offered the opportunity to join BIGD as full-time Research Associates at the end of the program

To know more about this program, please visit Young Researchers Fellowship (YRF) Program website.