Syeda Fareha Shaheeda Islam

Syeda Fareha Shaheeda Islam

Senior Lecturer and Focal for Myanmar Curriculum Teacher Professional Development Project, BRAC IED

Syeda Fareha Shaheeda Islam is a highly experienced professional in the field of Early Childhood Development (ECD) and has been serving as a Senior Lecturer for the MSc program in ECD at BRAC Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University since 2012. As a Program Manager, Ms. Fareha has provided technical and operational support to children and teachers through the Myanmar Curriculum (MC)-based Education in Rohingya refugee camps. Additionally, she served as the Program Manager for the Learning Competency Framework and Approach (LCFA) Project, funded by UNICEF, where she provided technical support in developing teaching materials and training resources. Throughout her career, Ms. Fareha has been involved in curriculum design, material development, training, and research related to Early Learning Centers, Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary levels interventions.

British Academy Bilateral Research Chair

The bilateral chair application involves Swansea University and two institutes within BRAC University, BIGD, and BRAC IED (BRAC Institute of Educational Development). BIGD has a small but growing portfolio of research on psychological and mental health as an instrument for socio-economic development. BIGD and BRAC IED teams will work closely in partnership on the design and content development for the website. We intend to investigate key features of successful long-standing research websites and the websites of relevant organizations and to communicate with our intended audience from the onset.