Raisa Rahman

Raisa Rahman

Research Associate

Raisa Rahman is a Research Associate at the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), Brac University. Prior to this, she was a Trainee Research Associate under the quantitative stream of the Young Researchers Fellowship (YRF) program. Raisa completed her Undergraduate degree in Economics from North South University. Her last appointment was as an intern at the UNDP Bangladesh in a project with PPPA, Prime Minister’s Office. Prior to her internship, Raisa worked as a research assistant (RA) in the Economics department at North South University. She also co-authored the paper, “Do Old Age and Comorbidity via Non-Communicable Diseases Matter for COVID-19 Mortality? A Path Analysis”, Raisa is keenly interested in data documentation, transparency and analysis.

Gender Norms at Work: Impacts on Women’s Hiring and Workplace Experiences in Bangladesh

Status: Ongoing

Researcher(s): Narayan C. Das, PhD, Sheikh Touhidul Haque, PhD, Nuzaira Binte Neaz, Raisa Rahman

Topic(s): Economic Development, Gender Justice

Impact Assessment of BRAC’s Disability Inclusive Ultra-Poor Graduation (DIUPG) Programme

Status: Ongoing

Researcher(s): Imran Matin, PhD, Narayan C. Das, PhD, Sheikh Touhidul Haque, PhD, Semab Rahman, Raisa Rahman

Topic(s): BRAC Programs, Social Transformation, Ultra-Poor Graduation