Ezzat Tanzila Evana

Ezzat Tanzila Evana

Policy Analyst

Ezzat Tanzila Evana is a Policy Analyst in Advocacy For Social Change Programme at BRAC. She started her career as a Young Professional at BRAC right after her graduation from Asian University For Women (AUW). Her major was Economics and her minor was Development studies.
Currently, she is coordinating the Leave No One Behind Platform which is a coalition of 8 International NGOs working towards ensuring that the voices of marginalised people are heard and counted by the policymakers. She is also involved in planning, coordinating, conducting and analysing research for evidence-driven policy advocacy. She has immense interest to work for transformative change by strengthening the system so that every person will be treated equally and equitably. She is also involved in BRAC History Project as one of the lead researchers from BRAC. She aspires to internalise the incredible knowledge of BRAC history and reflect it on her career as a development practitioner.

Historicizing BRAC

Historicizing BRAC is an ambitious project that aims to meticulously document BRAC's approach to development, growth trajectory, and critical inflection points through historical accounts of the organization's major development programs. It is an investigation and attempt to theorize BRAC’s navigation as well as sustainability within the context of changing socio-economic and political realities.