Erum Mariam, PhD

Erum Mariam, PhD

Executive Director, BRAC Institute of Educational Development (IED)

Dr Erum Mariam is the Executive Director of BRAC Institute of Educational Development (IED) in Bangladesh. She completed her PhD in Education from Cambridge University in 2008. She has extensive experience in scaling up education interventions both nationally and globally and was involved in the expansion of the unique BRAC-run Non-Formal Primary (NFP) Schools in the 1990s. Since 2008, Dr Mariam has promoted BRAC IED’s vision of contributing to the improvement of quality, equity, and efficiency in the education system in partnership with the public sector. The globally recognized Play Labs and Humanitarian Play Labs have been developed under her leadership, focusing on early stimulation and children’s wellbeing in diverse settings.

British Academy Bilateral Research Chair

The bilateral chair application involves Swansea University and two institutes within BRAC University, BIGD, and BRAC IED (BRAC Institute of Educational Development). BIGD has a small but growing portfolio of research on psychological and mental health as an instrument for socio-economic development. BIGD and BRAC IED teams will work closely in partnership on the design and content development for the website. We intend to investigate key features of successful long-standing research websites and the websites of relevant organizations and to communicate with our intended audience from the onset.