Youth Watch 2012: Problem or Promise? Harnessing Youth Potential in Uganda

Uganda’s youth hold the key to their country’s social and economic development. Uganda has the world’s youngest population and displays the highest prevalence of poverty among its youth. To assist in deepening BRAC’s youth programs and sharing lessons from our research and programs with Ugandan youth, the Research and Evaluation Unit travelled to every corner of Uganda. Based on mixed-methods research, including a nationally-representative survey of youth, focus groups, and in-depth case studies, the findings presented here highlight the difficult situation facing youth in every dimension of their lives. The report offers a dynamic framework through which to understand and assist youth to realize their potential as they strive to become adults and citizens of Uganda. developing and implementing targeted programs for youth. It also argues that programs for youth must place a greater focus on young men, in addition to the current strong emphasis placed on young women. The report reveals, however, the multiple faces of youth poverty in Uganda, with incredible heterogeneity in the opportunities and constraints facing youth by gender, age, educational background, region, and rural-urban location, all of which must be taken into account when developing and implementing targeted programs for youth.

Authors: Sulaiman, Munshi; Banks, Nicola
Type: Report
Year: 2012