Women’s Leadership in VSLAs in Uganda: Findings From a Cross-Sectional Survey

This assessment in a formative phase was implemented between Feb-Mar 2021 in 23 districts of Uganda. It documented the level of representation of women in village saving and loans association (VSLAs) and the correlations of female leadership with members’ satisfaction and VSLAs performance. Findings are based on a sample of 650 Village VSLAs supported by PROFIRA, Care Uganda, AVSI, BRAC Uganda, and Village enterprise. Results show that women are underrepresented in senior leadership positions. Yet, their leadership resulted in a higher satisfaction of VSLAs members as they were more likely to listen to them, and it was positively associated with the VSLAs’ financial performance.

Authors: Buitrago, Catalina; Nabulumba, Christine; Serra, Danila; Sikoti, Doreen; Namisango, Eve; Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Sulaiman, Munshi; Mpiira, Robert; Chowdhury, Shymal; Mulyampiti, Tabitha
Type: Report
Year: 2021