Towards Sustainable Development Goals: Indexing the Performance of Bangladesh in Achieving the MDGs

The study is conducted to evaluate the performance of regions of Bangladesh, both across divisions and districts, in their attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Based on the data from the Multiple Cluster Survey and applying the formulated Mazziotta Pareto Index (MPI), the findings show that there remain contradictory results across divisions and districts. Although Bangladesh is performing well at the national level for its attainment of MDG goals, at the more micro level, the analysis suggests that Bangladesh is yet to outperform in achieving all health and education social developments. Thus, the paper makes a policy suggestion for the policy-makers, academicians and development practitioners to identify these governance gaps for better achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Findings suggest evidence of poor scaling-up of the development progress across districts though cumulatively the divisions represent to outperform. This recommends policy suggestions to the policy-makers, government bodies and the respective stakeholders working for the SDGs in Bangladesh to make a more regional approach to address the policy and advocacy gap in order to ensure that the effectiveness of the SDG goals can be attained all over Bangladesh.

Author: Zaman, Nabila
Type: Working Paper
Year: 2015