The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2009: Entitlement, Responsiveness, Sustainability

This report is the product of an ongoing, long-term research program on governance in Bangladesh. While previous reports have focused on more ‘traditional’ areas of governance, this Report marks BIGD’s first foray into analyzing sectoral governance. With its central theme Entitlement, Responsiveness, Sustainability, this report reflects the shift in the global governance focus from institutions to citizens. The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2009 contextualizes and examines governance, understood as policy planning and institutional implementation for citizen service delivery in key national sectors such as food, energy, e-governance and migration. It also notes that Bangladesh has taken encouraging policy initiatives, created successful short-term sectoral programs, addressed key legislative weaknesses and drawn up long-term visions in these sectors that have and will ultimately benefit its people. However, the lack of coordinated policy planning and implementation, penetration of partisan political interests dictated by the five-year political cycle and lack of accountable, transparent and stable institutions and mechanisms of policy implementation severely jeopardize the quality of governance in these sectors, resulting in poor quality service delivery for citizens. The report not only examines the historical context of sectoral performance but also looks at key trends in 2009 and their effects, which are tracked until mid-2010.

Authors: Rahman, Mohammad Atique; Hasan, Munyema; Shams, Nermeen; Rahman, Ashikur; Iqbal, Md; Haque, Md Emdadul; Hossain, Syed Yusuf; Khan, F K Md Emdad; Alam, Khurshid; Afroze, Tureen; Alam, Shamsul; Rahman, Md. Ataur; Hossain, Golam; Abedin, Jainal; Murshid, K S; Ahmed, Quazi Shahabuddin; Ahmed, Tanim; Rahman, Fazlur; Talukder, Ruhul Amin; Sonia, Farhana Ahmad; Quayum, M Jahirul; Rashid, Md. Harun-Or; Graner, Elvira; Siddiqui, Tasneem; Mostafa, Sanaul; Islam, Nurul; Mustafa, Ghulam 
Type: Report