The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2007: Expectations, Commitments, Challenges

The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2007 is the second annual report published by BIGD, BRAC University. It is the product of an ongoing long-term research program on governance in Bangladesh, initiated by BIGD (then the Centre for Governance Studies) in 2006. Appropriate research methods were selected to fit the objective of each chapter and include an institutional analysis (political governance), a national quantitative perceptions survey, and two qualitative studies(crime, violence and insecurity and NGO governance). The report presents findings of research on governance in 2007, a ‘year of change’ in Bangladesh that was formative in shaping a new paradigm for governance in the country. The report reviews a process of reform efforts initiated by the Caretaker Government since January 2007 from an institutional analysis standpoint and through public perceptions of the ongoing changes. In addition, following the gaps identified for further research in the 2006 report, the 2007 report analyses experiences of human security and justice among the poor and marginal communities, and looks at the governance of the non-governmental organizations with an emphasis on views from within the sector. The report concludes that the assessment of the state of governance in Bangladesh for 2007 remains mixed, as it has been termed the ‘year of change’ and, although immediate impacts can be ascertained, long-term effects are not readily identifiable.

Authors: Ahmed, Haydory Akbar; Ahmed, Rabab, Alom, Md Morshed; Biswas, Niloy Ranjan; Czajkowska, Beata;  Farruk, Meredith Gibson; Haque, Sanjan; Hossain, Naomi; Jabin, Nuzhat; Jahan, Ferdous; Karim, Shahnaz; Micetic, Steven; Molla, Sydur Rahman; Siddiqui, Shahana; Skully, David; Shahan, Asif Md
Type: Report
Year: 2008