The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2006: Knowledge, Perceptions, Reality

The State of Governance project aims to enter the debate about governance by examining the evidence and analysis of the issues, in particular, to enable assessment of change over time. This is the first report in what is intended to be an annual series designed to monitor the governance situation. The State of Governance in Bangladesh 2006 Report reviews the extensive evidence on governance and presents findings of targeted primary research in order to provide a foundation for further empirical governance research and analysis. Three themes run through the State of Governance in Bangladesh 2006. The first is searching for success, with the intention of learning from what has worked in efforts to combat bad governance. The second theme is gender-equitable and pro-poor governance: the report attempts to answer why Bangladesh has made such impressive social and developmental progress when governance appears to have been so weak. The report suggests that the evidence on bad governance in the social sectors fails to note that under particular circumstances, poor citizens have actively pursued their entitlements with supportive inputs from civil society and the media; and, again under particular circumstances, the local political rivalry has energized service provision in ways that benefit the poor. The third theme is ‘bad governance with a human face’: the report explores the full set of incentives and constraints faced by public servants, partly in an effort to avoid demonizing front-line workers as the chief culprits in the system of bad governance. A key discovery and potential point for intervention is that morale among public sector workers is astonishingly low.

Authors: Ahmed, Haydory Akbar; Ali, Irum S; Ali, Tariq; Ashraf, Hassan; Banks, Nicola; Czajkowska, Beata; Haque, Sanjan; Harrold, Daphne Keevil; Hassan, Mirza; Hossain, Naomi; Hossain, Tareen; Jahan, Ferdous; Kashem, Mohammed Bin; Nessa, Kamrun; Osman, Ferdous; Rashid, Ahmed Tareq; Skully, David; Khan, Ashrafuzzaman; Sadique, Mahfuz; Rashid, Mamun-ur; Akteruzzaman, Md; Hasan, Md Bayazid; Ahammad, Md Mustak; Arifin, Mohammad Sayem; Shahan, Md; Ferdose, Md Shamim; Samadder, Mrinmoy; Elahi, Mufakkhar Mahmud; Siddiki, Omar Faruq; Khan, Shameem Reza; Tariquzzaman, Sheikh; Ferdous, Tanvir
Year: 2006