Sulla Project Phase 1 (1972-1973)

This is the report on Sulla, the very first project undertaken by BRAC for post-war assistance. Directed towards refugees who had returned to Sulla after the liberation war, Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee, as it was named then, allocated efforts towards relief and rehabilitation with emphasis placed on housing, co-operatives, agriculture, fisheries, tools and implements, medical care and child feeding programs. The report begins with a brief reflection on the first stage and its achievements as well as challenges before elaborating on the transition to programs of reconstruction and development. As part of development orientated programs in Sulla Phase II, BRAC’s objective was to create and develop human and institutional infrastructure in the project area to ensure self-generating and self-sustaining development activity. Awareness and the participation of BRAC beneficiaries were seen as key thereby making education and training programs with the promotion and support of cooperatives twin pillars of the second phase. Gonokendros, functional literacy and cooperatives played a core role among the 8 programs that had been designed.

Publisher: BRAC
Type: Report
Year: 1972