State of Cities 2012: Urban Governance in Dhaka

Alongside the annual State of Governance in Bangladesh Reports, which offer an extensive review of contemporary governance concerns at the national level, the State of Cities Reports have been launched to promote research and analysis on the urban phenomenon in Bangladesh and aim to advance innovative, in-depth and empirically grounded propositions on Urban Governance and Development. This report is the product of a long-term research program started by IGS in recognition of the challenges faced by local governments, private organizations and citizens to respond effectively to the unprecedented, rapid and dynamic changes in the urban environment. It attempted to take Urban Governance out of technical, de-politicized discourses on reform to more in-depth, locally informed political analysis. The present report provides a comprehensive assessment of the historical, political, economic and social dynamics which shape various arenas of urban life and governance in Dhaka city and is intended to provide the foundation for a more robust and nuanced analysis of the urban situation with an attendant focus on urban governance reform. It was concluded that there is a need for more comparative research between South Asian cities.

Authors: Graner, Elvira; Fardosh, Jannatul; Haque, Kazi Nurmohammed Hossainul; Khalid, Mariha; Rashid, Md Harun-Or; Islam, Mohammad Sirajul; Chakma, Rigan; Hamid, Rubayet; Aziz, Syeda Salina; Basu, Ipshita; Oldham, Thomas; Akhter, Mahboob Elahi
Type: Report
Year: 2012