Rapid Assessment of BRAC’s Disability Inclusive Ultra-Poor Graduation (DIUPG) Programme

The Disability Inclusive Ultra-Poor Graduation (DIUPG) programme was launched in 2021 to improve the quality of life for extremely poor individuals with disabilities and their families. The programme provides comprehensive support, including enterprise development training, asset transfer, and health support. The programme also facilitates access to healthcare, social safety net programmes, and connections with organizations for persons with disabilities. BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) collaborated with BRAC UPG programme to conduct a rapid assessment of the pilot DIUPG’s 2021 cohort. An exploratory mixed-method study was conducted where the qualitative component used in-depth case studies focused on persons with disabilities to capture their diverse characteristics, understand their ecosystem, and gain deep insights into their interaction with the programme. The quantitative component included a survey and data collection from programme documents on a subsample of the participants, consisting of 287 households. The study findings underscore the need for a stronger disability lens in programme design as mentioned in the key takeaways. It also highlights the importance of shifting away from a household-centric livelihoods approach to one that prioritizes the needs and perspectives of individuals with disabilities within the household.

Authors: Gomes, Mohima; Kamruzzaman, Md.; Tahsin, Nabila; Islam, Md. Karimul; Biswas, Dipika
Type: Report
Year: 2023