Public Procurement Watch: Engaging Citizens in Public Procurement Pays Off

Engaging citizens in monitoring public procurement at implementation stage in 16 upazilas was a big challenge, particularly because of its bigger scope than before. But as BIGD went along the process, the challenges started to dissolve gradually. Citizens’ active participation with Field Officers made it possible to commence work in all the 80 sites of 16 upazilas, fulfilling the target. Furthermore, On 8th November 2019, Monday, BIGD participated in 5th World Bank Mission meeting held at CPTU conference room. The meeting was organized to sync the implementation of DIMAPPP and for all the related organizations (BIGD, BCCP and Dnet) to reach the same ground. The team shared updates and future plans with everyone, and also noted down further suggestions and recommendations to carry out. Additionally, on 31st October 2019, Thursday, the CPTU and BIGD organized a division-level workshop at the Conference Hall, Chattogram Circuit House, Chattogram. This was the 3rd such workshop organized under the CE sub-component of DIMAPPP. The event was followed by a question and answer session between the participants and guests, and group work. A divisional workshop took place in Sylhet on 26th December 2019, Thursday. Organized at the Conference Hall of Sylhet Circuit House, this was the 4th divisional workshop organized under the CE sub-component of DIMAPPP.At the workshop, series of discussions took place between the participants and guests, and a separate group work session was held later. Finally, local citizen complain that prompted MP’s intervention, solved the problem of some irregularities in the road construction work from Dhankhali Madrasa road to Kalinagar Government Primary School- once again show-casing the importance of citizen engagement in public procurement.

Author: Haque, Mahan ul
Type: Quarterly Update
Year: 2019