Pathways Out of Extreme Poverty: Findings From Round I Survey of CFPR Phase II

The program ‘Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction’ (CFPR) was initiated by BRAC to fight extreme poverty in rural Bangladesh. The first phase of the CFPR program (CFPR I) was launched in 2002 for five years (2002- 2006) with the vision of enhancing the economic and social capabilities of ultra-poor households in Bangladesh. According to its project proposal of CFPR II, a two-pronged CFPR model was designed to ‘push down’ with instruments specially designed to help the ultra-poor build their livelihoods and develop their human capabilities, while ‘pushing out’ to remove the wider socio-political constraints on their development and raise the profile and priority of ultra-poverty within the wider society. This report describes a baseline survey of the extreme poor conducted for CFPR II, which was designed to increase the levels of outreach and incorporated diversity of packages. This baseline survey report consists of fourteen independent and self-explanatory chapters. These chapters draw on information collected from various baseline and census surveys carried out for the CFPR II evaluation, and each provides concluding remarks on its findings.

Publisher: BRAC RED
Type: Report
Year: 2009