Pathway and Interaction Analysis of IMCHA Model: An Initiative of Implementation Research in Uganda and South Sudan

The Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa (IMCHA) initiative implemented research to improve maternal, newborn, and child health and adopted a research model that was composed of: Principal Investigator of an African institution; Co- Principal Investigator affiliated with a Canadian institution, Co-PI in a decision-making position, and Health Policy and Research Organisation in Africa. This paper describes the IMCHA Initiative model that was used in implementing the research in Uganda and South Sudan. The methods used are documents review and experiences by BRAC (Building Resources Across Communities) Uganda in implementing the research using the IMCHA initiative model. The experiences in implementing IMCHA model show support in accessing policy space, translating data and producing outputs from the research for policy. The pathways in the model through communication and interactions in the connectedness of working with the relevant policy stakeholders was a special experience. The model contributed greatly to the grounding of research in the local context and connecting to the policy space. The Ugandan experience has exhibited the usefulness of the model. The Paper recommends use of the IMCHA Model in conducting implementation research for enabling access to policy space from study inception through the research period.

Authors: Musoke, Jenipher T.; Mugirwa, Patrick; Nakimuli, Eva 
Journal Article