Online Freelancing: A New Frontier for the Youth in the Developing World

Online freelancing, which relies heavily on technology, offers opportunities for young people in developing countries. Freelancing doesn’t require academic credentials, contacts, or substantial investment, and can be a lifeline for educated youth in developing countries with limited education. Additionally, it can be a viable income source for educated, underprivileged young women, who face constraints in working outside, like restricted mobility and household work. CodersTrust, an international IT training institute, has provided free training and advising services to 1,000 women in Bangladesh to help them become successful online freelancers. BRAC Institute of Governance and Development conducted a mixed-method study, including RCT and qualitative inquiry, to assess the program’s impact on income and employment of women.

Authors: Jahan, Nusrat; Huq, Lopita; Arman, Md. Raied
Type: Policy Brief
Year: 2023