Medical Waste Management and Vocational Training Centres

This Local Assessment Report (LAR) for Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) has been prepared under the Cities Alliance Joint Work Program on Equitable Economic Growth. A global partnership, Cities Alliance supports cities in delivering sustainable development. The LAR details information on the prioritized public goods and services, including situation analysis and mapping of the city economy in terms of factors, systems and structures related to providing and accessing these public goods. It is the key input to inform city-level evidence-based policy briefs and recommendations for the SCC to improve the delivery and access to these public goods and services and promote equitable economic growth. The LAR is based on both primary and secondary data. The secondary database has been developed from existing literature and reports, and various officially published data from SCC, the Government of Bangladesh, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and private organizations. In addition, primary data were obtained through field survey (survey instrument and interviews) of Healthcare Establishments (HCEs) in Sylhet. The research team for the report used stratified random sampling to draw the samples from amongst 88 HCEs in Sylhet. In the report, the team has identified gaps in MWM and VTCs, which would need to be bridged for matching service delivery standards with prescribed norms. Furthermore, a financial plan has been developed for improvement in MWM and to provide vocational training.

Authors: Hossain, Md. Shanawez; Arafat, S M; Ahmed, Raihan
Type: Report
Year: 2018