Level of Food Insecurity and Poverty in Bangladesh: An Agro-Economic, Social, and Vulnerability Analysis

A large number of organizations are generating a great deal of information on the problems of food insecurity and poverty and sometimes there is a duplication of efforts because of the low level of exchange in information sharing. Sometimes this creates confusion by providing contradictory results. Data generation is also an expensive task and any duplication of efforts is a misuse of resources which could be used for other priority purposes. This report is the output of a methodological exercise being undertaken on how to compile available macro, meso and micro level information generated by various agencies and to relate those with the issue of food insecurity and poverty. The major areas covered here include food production, factors of production, food availability, food accessibility, food intake, sources of food consumed, income and expenditure, poverty, food price, education, risks and shocks. It also gives the socio-economic characteristics of the highly food insecure population and some indication of how to identify the most insecure population.

Author: Halder, Shantana R
Type: Report
Year: 2003