Institutions of Accountability: Public Service Commission

In Bangladesh, the public personnel administration is conducted by two central personnel agencies- the Ministry of Establishment (MoE) and the Public Service Commission (PSC). Of them, PSC enjoys the status of a constitutional body and is responsible, along with other duties, to conduct examinations to select personnel to be recruited to the cadre services of the administration. This background paper analyzes the present state and problems of PSC to facilitate the deliberation process to formulate policy recommendations. The paper focuses on four issues- independence (how free PSC is from the executive control); accountability (the accountability mechanism followed by PSC regarding its functions and its internal accountability mechanism); efficiency (the capacity of the secretariat staff of PSC to carry out their respective duties) and; effectiveness (the measurement of the relationship between the results obtained and the objectives of PSC). The study recognizes the fact that a strong and able leadership is necessary for PSC to uphold its constitutional status.

Authors: Jahan, Ferdous; Shahan, Asif Mohammad; Biswas, Niloy Ranjan
Type: Report
Year: 2007