Inception, Sulla, and the 1970s: BRAC’s Trajectory and a Decade of Learning by Doing

This monograph is an outcome of the BRAC History Project, a BIGD-initiated endeavour to historicize and theorize BRAC’s navigation and evolution within changing socioeconomic and political realities and local and global histories. Researchers undertook a qualitative inquiry using archival documents and oral history collected through interviews. Data sources included institutional libraries, digital libraries, archives, and other relevant, accessible platforms. Oral history interviews were recorded and analyzed thematically. Relevant literature was also reviewed. The outputs of the BRAC History Project will be published in a series of monographs, among other scholarly and public-focused outputs. While the first monograph focused on the history of BRAC’s formation, the second emphasizes BRAC’s experience in Sulla, explaining the paradigm shift in BRAC’s rural development program from community development to a people-centred approach. This monograph sheds light on why the poor and women, rather than the community, became the focal point in BRAC’s approach. In turn, it creates historical vignettes of the trajectory of BRAC during the 1970s as an interplay of knowledge and practice.

Authors: Ahasan, Abu; Iqbal, Sumaiya; Islam, Md. Shafiqul
Type: Monograph
Year: 2022