How the Adolescents Applied Their Learning in Their Lives: An Evaluation of the Adolescent Development Programme of BRAC

This paper aims to measure the changes in the type and depth of knowledge and understanding on sexual and reproductive health and gender issues, and how they obtained that knowledge. Secondly, changes in the ways in which adolescents were practically applying this understanding, or intended to apply it in their own lives (or not) were determined; if not, then reasons for not doing so were determined. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed in this research. Results show that knowledge on sexual reproductive health and gender discrimination changed positively and participants had been able to apply increased knowledge in their own lives, in the lives of their families, and in their communities, by changing their parents’ and influential persons’ embedded attitudes. On the other hand, there were some who did not apply the knowledge in practice because of failing to overcome the entrenched norms, attitudes, and beliefs that are deeply ingrained in the family and community. In conclusion, we suggest that the intervention should continue with additional measures to ensure the involvement of the community so that the limitations could be removed for a sustainable change.

Authors: Alim, Md. Abdul; Nahar, Mst. Ashrafun; Khatoon, Fathema Zhura
Type: Working Paper
Year: 2012