How Far BRAC Primary Schools Admit Students Following the Set Criteria

BRAC primary school model was developed to take education to the doorstep of poor people. A number of criteria for eligibility in BRAC schools were set so that admissions of poor children are ensured. Recently the program organizers (POs) have been facing difficulty to follow the 25-year-old criteria. This is mostly because of Bangladesh’s improvement in school enrolment and poverty status. Analyzing data on the BRAC school students who enrolled in 2010 along with the findings of previous studies on the same and the Education Watch and other relevant studies, this study found that the claim of the POs is mostly true. However, the model is still relevant for some disadvantaged pockets where out-of-school children live. It suggests an innovative approach to using the BRAC model to achieve compulsory primary education for all. Joint government-BRAC collaboration, as part of the third phase of the primary education development program, can be a window for this.

Author: Afroze, Rifat
Type: Report
Year: 2012