Healing in Crisis: Investing in Women’s Mental Health and Child Development in Refugee Camps has Huge Benefits

In the Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh, a pioneering partnership with BRAC has yielded remarkable outcomes for mental health and wellbeing. Our joint research, led by Islam, Mojumder, Rahman, Shatil and Siddique (2024), unveiled a game-changing play-based program for Rohingya mothers and their young children. This low-cost initiative, conducted in collaboration with BIED and BIGD, delivered profound improvements in maternal mental health and child development. This breakthrough offers hope amidst the challenges of forced displacement.

Author: Islam, Asad; Ahmed Mozumder, Tanvir; Rahman, Tabassum; Shatil, Tanvir; Siddique, Abu
Type: Journal Article
Year: 2024