Gender Mainstreaming in Selected Sectors: Good Practice Case Studies

Bangladesh Gender Equality Diagnostic of Selected Sectors (GEDSS) was published and launched in early 2018. Its purpose is to assist ADB, government and development partners to identify modalities to incorporate approaches for gender equality and empowerment of women into selected sectors, namely, education, energy, transport, and urban development. ADB with the assistance of BIGD, BRAC University undertook a series of sectoral and regional consultations in 6 divisions of Bangladesh and nationally on gender mainstreaming in energy, transport, urban and skills sectors. The objectives were to contribute to increased capacity among sector professionals and government officials to better integrate gender mainstreaming actions into sector-specific interventions; transform attitudes, perceptions and behaviours among sector professionals related to gender equality and women’s empowerment; and contribute to the exchange of knowledge and practices by collecting experiences on good practices and challenges in addressing gender equality in sectoral programs. In each workshop, the sectoral groups decided on a few good practices in the sector where gender gaps had been addressed and which had resulted in positive gender equality outcomes.

Authors: Sultan, Maheen; Shafi, Salma A.; Chowdhury, Kabita; Khondaker, Sahida; Mahpara, Pragyna; Huq, Lopita
Type: Case Study
Year: 2019