Gender and Adolescence Research Panorama: Summary, Quarter 1, 2020 Edition

The GAGE Research Panorama provides an overview of current research on adolescents over the most recent GAGE quarter, as well as external grey and published literature, specifically looking at articles that relate, from a gender perspective to GAGE’s key capability domains: education and learning; bodily integrity and freedom from violence; health, nutrition, and sexual and reproductive health; psychosocial well-being; voice and agency; and economic empowerment. It also aims to look at the ways specific vulnerabilities such as age, disability and refugee status further disadvantage adolescents in achieving these capabilities. This quarter, we would like to highlight three recently produced briefs on Rohingya refugee and host adolescents living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, which summarize some of the key challenges facing young people in terms of age- and gender-based violence, psychosocial well-being and education and learning. It also remembers Simeen Mahmud and highlights her achievements and contribution.

Authors: Huq, Lopita; Devonald, Megan
Type: Quarterly Update
Year: 2020