Formation of BRAC: A Historical Account

This is the first in a series of monographs that aim to meticulously document BRAC’s lived experiences, as part of the BRAC History Project. By evaluating the organization’s approaches to development, growth trajectory, and critical inflection points in the historical context and narrating the historical accounts of the organization’s major development programs, the project attempts to draw the key lessons from BRAC’s 50 years of journey. The authors took a historicizing approach to investigate and theorize BRAC’s navigation as well as sustainability within the context of changing socio-economic and political realities. The researchers undertook a qualitative inquiry using archival documents and oral history collected through interviews. By establishing an inclusion criterion for documents, three categories of documents were identified—related to BRAC, the state, and donor agencies—and appropriate sources of data were located. Data on the state and donor agencies were collected for a context-based analysis of the findings on BRAC. Data sources included institutional libraries, digital libraries, archives, and other relevant, accessible platforms. Oral history interviews were recorded and analyzed thematically. Relevant literature was also reviewed.

Authors: Zaman, Shahaduz; Matin, Imran; Ahasan, Abu; Iqbal, Sumaiya
Type: Monograph
Year: 2022