Factors Affecting Early Grade Educational Attainment: Evidence from South Sudan

This article was published in the International Journal of Educational Development. Decades of conflict have left a majority of the South Sudanese population lacking basic educational skills. Using data from newly enrolled first graders in BRAC Non-Formal Schools, this study explores the current level of basic education in the country and models its determinants. Results suggest that most of the students lack the base to begin first-grade schooling while modelling its determinants shows strong signs of gender and socioeconomic disparity. The study showed that, students who attended preschool are found to score higher on both tests. While a language barrier precludes a student from performing well in the reading test, understandably this was not found to be a problem for mathematics tests. Students from a higher socioeconomic status are likely to score higher on both tests. To achieve parity and meet the target of quality primary education for all, greater attention needs to be paid towards the inclusion of female students and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Authors: Raza, Wameq A.; Kabir, Md. Mahbubul; Rashid, Rafiath
Type: Journal Article
Year: 2017