Exploring Livelihoods of Plain Land Indigenous People in Bangladesh: Baseline Findings of Integrated Development Programme for Indigenous People

The survey aimed to assess the current livelihood situation of small ethnic groups (Adivasi) living on the plain land. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to collect data. Data were collected from Joypurhat Sadar and Panchbibi Upazilas of Joypurhat district and from Patnitola and Badalgachhi Upazilas of Naogaon District. The findings of the survey revealed that the majority of the families of small ethnic groups have low and inadequate income, poor savings, high rate of illiteracy, marginal land holdings and poor sanitation and hygiene practices. They are also less conscious about family planning, have limited access to GO/NGO facilities, have less participation in local institutions and lack awareness of basic human rights. Death of the main income earner and incidence of natural disasters always bring major economic crises in small ethnic families. The survey suggests that special efforts would be required to improve the livelihood conditions of the small ethnic groups.

Authors: Islam, Md. Akramul; Naomi, Sharin Shajahan
Type: Report
Year: 2013