Effectiveness of Post Graduate Diploma in Knitwear Industry Management (PGD-KIM) Program

BIGD has taken an initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of the PGD-KIM programme after the completion of Tranche-2 (2018–2021) using mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative methods). This study aims to evaluate the programme by measuring its effect on employment dynamics and different skills, such as leadership, analytical, communication, computational literacy, and negotiation. In addition, we also explore the gender and dropout dynamics along with the challenges of employment for fresh graduates. The quantitative part, employed the propensity score matching (PSM) technique to compare the outcomes of the participants and the non-participants and the qualitative part employed in-depth interviews (IDIs) and key informant interviews (KIIs) to capture the effect of the programme.

The study finds that the programme significantly improved leadership, communication, and computer literacy skills among participants. The study also found that the programme has increased the average number of hours worked per week by 8%, and income by 7%. Additionally, the programme also led to an 18 percentage points increase in promotions and a 13 percentage points increase in receiving performance allowances for participants compared to non-participants. Moreover, the participants’ job mobility increased by 15 percentage points compared to non-participants. The study also identifies that there is room to innovate and improve the communication skill and analytical skills of the participants. Programme redesigning may also increase female participation.

Authors: Ahmed, Md Shakil; Adiba, Afsana; Shatil, Tanvir; Tanchangya, Ratul; Das, Narayan
Type: Report
Year: 2023