Education Under Gram Daridro Bimochan Committee: Present Status and Future Directions

Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction (CFPR) is a BRAC program targeting the ultra-poor households in various locations in the country. This program targets the women of the bottom deciles of the population. Gram Daridra Bimochan Committee (GDBC) was formed in each program village to support the beneficiaries. One of the activities of the committee was to arrange free supplementary tutoring for the children of program beneficiaries. This study aims to explore the present status of this component of the program and to provide future direction. A diverse group of people gathered in the committees. The provision of supplementary tutoring was lauded by the communities; however, a more structured and sustainable initiative was also urged by them. A number of gaps were identified that needs to be fulfilled for the betterment of the students. There is scope for rearrangement of the system and engaging more resources for the improvement of the whole initiative. Engagement of BRAC education program was also discussed and finally a number of recommendations were made.

Author: Rashid, Rafiath; Sharmin, Nazia; Dutta, Notan C; Nath, Samir Ranjan
Working Paper
Year: 2010