Delegating Authority in Bangladesh to Manage the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bangladesh, like most countries, grappled with the harsh conditions of Covid-19, with little infrastructure and set up of institutions to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. A country with a large informal economy, and an even larger export manufacturing sector it is highly dependent on, the Bangladesh government had tough decisions to make when it came to saving and protecting the lives of millions, as well as ensuring continued economic activity to save livelihoods. To strike a balance between protecting both these important factors, the central government adopted a unique approach of mobilizing and enabling the local government to implement a lot of measures. Their approach was area centric, in that the local government recognised the needs of their districts, and that looked different for different areas of the country, whether rural or urban, agricultural or industrial focused. This policy brief outlines some of the local measures and responses that worked in minimizing the impact of Covid-19 on the dense Bangladeshi population.

Authors: Shahan, Asif; Rahemin, Raeesa; Aziz, Syeda Salina; Hassan, Mirza Masood
Type: Policy Brief
Year: 2023