Competencies Achievement of BRAC School Students: Trends, Comparisons and Predictors

The National Curriculum and Textbook Board in Bangladesh specified 50 terminal competencies that are supposed to be achieved by the students throughout the cycle of primary education. The competency-based test instrument which was developed for Education Watch 2000 was administered to a sample of BRAC school graduates of each year during 2000-2010. This monograph is an outcome of analyses of all these test results. Although the rural BRAC non-formal schools were common each year, samples from BRAC’s non-formal urban, formal, and community schools and the schools for ethnic minorities were taken in some years. Sometimes, the government primary schools were also included. Taking all these test data into account, this monograph presents a repeated cross-sectional analysis of the performance of BRAC schools. Comparison of various types of BRAC schools, rural and urban schools and government schools are also provided. Separate analyses for boys and girls were done as a cross-cutting issue. The findings reveal that the performance of BRAC non-formal school students increased over time.

Authors: Nath, Samir Ranjan
Type: Monograph
Year: 2011