Citizen Participation in Union Parishad’s Procurement: A Study on Dhulihor and Nagarghata Union Parishads

Public procurement is one of the key economic activities of government and its outcome is evident before the people down to the grassroots. At the local government level, it is believed that the Procurement of goods and services is one of the key areas where local people are directly affected by its consequences. Nowadays social accountability initiatives have become a buzzword in development literature, which ultimately develops a consensus that civic engagement is essential for public accountability. Thus monitoring of Public Procurement by civil society is essential to make the public procurement process transparent and corruption-free. This study tries to look at the ins and outs of Citizen Engagement in Union Parishad’s Procurement. It has documented the practices of citizen participation in development activities, particularly in formulating and implementing Union Parishads’ annual development plan/scheme. This study has also investigated the challenges of citizen participation in the implementation phase of the development works of Union Parishad. Based on the evidence from the field, this study argued that it is necessary to make a congenial environment that will enable citizens and civil society organizations to engage in development processes in a sustained manner.

Author: Razzaque, Farhana
Type: Working Paper
Year: 2014