Chronic Poverty Report 2023: Pandemic Poverty

“The Chronic Poverty Report 2023: Pandemic Poverty” examines the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on policies and programs, aiming to help decision-makers prepare for future crises and suggest recovery strategies. The report emphasizes the need to minimize restrictions and complement them with adequate measures to mitigate their negative effects. The report is based on empirical evidence and policy analysis conducted in 8 low and middle-income countries and 10 countries involved in Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN)’s Poverty Monitoring Initiative. It shares important recommendations for decision makers, policymakers, and organizations working on poverty reduction and crisis management, on what needs to be done in a similar future crisis to avoid the economic and social reversals we have seen since 2020, as well as the steps on the road to recovery.

Authors: Bizoza, Alfred; Lenhardt, Amanda; Shepherd, Andrew; Moonga, Arthur; Shahan, Asif; Banerjee, Bipasa; Sean, Chanmony; Hallink, Courtney; Simbaya, Joseph; Bird, Kate; Banerji, Manjistha; Eichsteller, Marta; Chen, Marty; Hassan, Mirza; Karinten, Nashipai; Rahemin, Raeesa; Isimbi, Roberte; Pramanik, Santanu; San, Sophany; Chhom, Theavy; Diwakar, Vidya; Tafere, Yisak
Type: Report
Year: 2023