Challenges and Prospects of Youth Employment in the Post-COVID Scenario

Even before the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the social and economic integration of young people in Bangladesh was an ongoing challenge. Now, unless urgent action is taken, young people are likely to suffer severe and long-lasting impacts from the pandemic. This study reports the findings from a survey conducted among the youth in Bangladesh by BIGD in March 2021. The survey aimed to capture the effects of the pandemic on the lives of young people with regards to their employment and income, mental well-being, learning, perceptions of the future, and their willingness to vaccinate. The study finds the impact of the pandemic on young people to be systematic, deep and disproportionate. It has been particularly hard on young women, who have a very low job recovery and poorer mental health than young men. Yet, the majority of the youths perceived the effects of the pandemic to be greater for men than for women. Surveyed youths reported an increase in household chores and a reduction in study time due to the pandemic. The majority of them also expressed their willingness to vaccinate.

Authors: Tabassum, Asma; Ahmed; Md Shakil; Jahan, Nusrat
Type: Report
Year: 2021