Causes Behind Differential Performance in Various Types of BRAC Schools

Differential learning achievement of the graduates of three types of BRAC schools viz., BRAC primary school, BRAC community school, and BRAC formal school came out through a recent study with some hypothetical explanation of the reasons behind such differences. This study aims to fill this gap through an in-depth and qualitative exploration. Observation, in-depth interview and focus group discussion was the techniques applied using various checklists. Although the aim and objectives of all three types of schools were similar to those of the national level, the formal school students had a better home background, qualified teachers, longer contact hours, use of a full range of government prepared textbooks, and other enabling conditions in the schools, thus they had better performance compared to the other two types of school. In terms of value addition, the BPS model has contributed more than others with its limited wealth.

Authors: Roy, Goutam; Dutta, Notan Chandra; Nath, Samir Ranjan
Type: Report
Year: 2006