BRAC’s Partnership With Mainstream Primary Schools: Some Early Findings From an Evaluation Study

This study investigates BRAC’s partnership with mainstream primary school program which was undertaken in Fulbari, Nageshwari and Chunarighat upazilas in 2004. The program aimed to provide various training and workshops for teachers of government and non-government primary schools and social mobilization. In 2004, a baseline survey was carried out by the program staff in 154 schools in these three upazilas. The repeat survey was conducted by the Research and Evaluation Division. Issues for exploration were the changes in teachers in terms of capacity building, school and class management, and guardian and community in terms of participation in school activities. In addition, some qualitative exercises were done to supplement the quantitative findings. The results reveal a positive sign. The training and workshops helped participants to enter into the insights of their works. The school activities ran in a more disciplined manner due to frequent visits and close supervision of the program staff. However, of the two types of schools, the non-government schools show less improvement than the other.

Authors: Nath, Samir R; Afroze, Rifat; Dutta, Notan Chandra; Hossain, Anwar; Kabir, Md. Mahbubul; Roy, Goutam
Type: Report
Year: 2007