BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED) Research Reports: Social Studies 1995–2005

This repository is a collection of BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED)’s archival documents on Economic Studies from 1989 to 2013. The reports and case studies cover a range of programs such as; BRAC’s education programme, BRAC RDP Impact Assessment Study (lAS), BRAC’s Human Rights and Legal Education Programme (HRLEP), BRAC’s Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Programme, BRAC’s credit programme, BRAC-ICDDR,B Joint Research Project, BRAC Urban Development Programme (UDP), Gender Quality Action Learning (GQAL) Programme, Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) programme, Artificial Insemination (AI) Programme, Environmental examination of BRAC poultry farms and feed mills, Environmental investigation of The Sericulture Programme, Nutrition Surveillance System Programme (NSP), Income Generation for Vulnerable Groups Development (IGVGD) Programme, Agroforestry Programme, Oral Therapy Extension Programme (OTEP), BRAC’s Arsenic Mitigation Project, BRAC-Ain 0 Salish Kendro (ASK) Joint Legal Aid Programme, Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction-Targeting the Ultra Poor (CFPR-TUP), BRAC’s Adolescent Peer Organised Network (APON) Programme, and BRAC’s Education for Indigenous Children (EIC) Programme.