BIGD Quarterly Newsletter | Jan-Mar 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has been eventful for BIGD, the quarter set us firmly on the trajectory towards our shared vision of knowledge for a better world. This year, BIGD is pleased to announce its international conference in 2023: Making Digital Finance Work for Women. Along with this, The World Bank in collaboration with BIGD is convening the 11th South Asia Economic Policy Network Conference on Social Progress in South Asia. BIGD is proud to be a part of a new BRAC-LSE knowledge partnership that builds on the relationship over the last 15 years. This new initiative called BLUE will focus on ideas, innovations, and evidence to make growth work for the twin crisis of poverty and climate. Five journal articles published in the first three months are also a promising start to the year. The BIGD Newsletter looks forward to our priorities and commitments for this year, and sets our course for the rest of 2023, as we step onto a decade of our journey.

Author: BIGD
BIGD Newsletter
Year: 2023