Bangladesh Reform Agenda for Local Governance

Local Governance is a global phenomenon universally practised as sub-national governance and service delivery mechanism, albeit with differences in organizational type and model, dimension and degree of authority, networking affectivity and capacity of the institutions. It is a system composed of many components and elements. The discussion of the local governance in Bangladesh will concentrate on two basic institutional types and components of local governance—the Local Government system annual or field administration with a focus on Local Government Institutions (LGIs). The LGIs in the sub-continent represents the oldest tradition of representative local governance of which Bangladesh is an integral part. The book also focuses its attention, in great detail, the fact that LGIs in Bangladesh do not operate under a general and composite governance system. The book can encourage future research and is essential reading for those interested in understanding the crisis in contemporary LGIs in Bangladesh, and the possible reforms required to address this crisis.

Author: Ahmed, Tofail
Type: Book/Book Chapter
Year: 2016