Anjali: A Dalit Girl’s Story of Resilience

Anjali – a Dalit girl’s story of Resilience is a documentary film produced by BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), Brac University in collaboration with Bangladeshi local organization ‘Dalit  – Hope for the Oppressed’ under the ‘Sustaining Power: Women’s Struggles against contemporary backlash in South Asia’ (SuPWR) project. The 8-minute short features the resilient nature of Anjali, a Dalit girl with dreams of standing in her own two feet, which she believes can be attained through education. Launched on International Human Rights Day 2022, the documentary brings forward the importance of education in the fight against child marriage, especially when it comes to extremely marginalized communities like Dalits who face intergenerational trauma and gender-based violence. The struggles faced by the Dalit community can be better understood through intersectionality, where they face multiple backlashes from their family and wider community due to their positioning in society. The support from the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) is greatly acknowledged.

Authors: Islam, Syed Md. Wadudul; Ronni, Mazhar; Pabony, Nuha Annoor; Antara, Iffat Jahan; Tasnim, Khan Tahdia; Chamak, Farabi Islam
Type: Multimedia