Analysis of Entrepreneurial Intention Among Students in Business Schools of Bangladesh

Entrepreneurial intention is a state of mind directing a person’s attention and action towards self-employment as opposed to organizational employment. People with higher entrepreneurial intention have a higher probability of becoming entrepreneurs. This paper has analyzed the entrepreneurial intention of graduates from business schools in Bangladesh. Data are collected from university students through a self-administered survey by using a structured questionnaire. The strength of entrepreneurial intention of the students is estimated from the primary data. The effects of age, gender, and father’s profession on entrepreneurial intention are significant. It has been observed from the data analysis that students have higher preference to start a new business, but the strength of entrepreneurial intention is not high. They are risk-averse and most of the students prefer salaried job as a profession. The intention increases with age. If father is a business person, a student has higher intention. Females have low entrepreneurial intention.

Author: Naim, Sayada Jannatun
Type: Journal Article
Year: 2018