An Evaluation of Performance of Land Entrepreneurs (Amin) on Land Measurement Services

The HRLS (Human Rights and Legal Aid Services) program of BRAC has now 517 legal aid-serving clinics countrywide, which have been serving the poor community for first seeking their help with the land measurement issues. Throughout the dynamic initiative of the HRLS program, a vast network of communities has been proactive in the human rights violations. This initiative is targeted to reach about 1.8 million poor households, and make a significant impact on the demand for property rights, increasing technical understanding to ensure ownership and title over land as well as the organization and reduction of conflict through intervention and the recognized justice system. It is a unique form of creating new land entrepreneurs while government certified training on land measurement courses is a counterpart to the different groups of land entrepreneurs in the community. In the case of a joint partnership of the land, the LEs have some bitter experiences in measuring the land; even they have started to fight with all the partners to make them understandable with the accuracy of land measurement services. The land entrepreneurs of HRLS are also monitored to track human rights violations in their respective communities and serve their clients through HRLS legal aid clinics.

Authors: Saha, Polin Kumar; Sultana, Toufica
Type: Working Paper
Year: 2017