An Assessment of the Social Mobilization and Accountable Local Governance Towards Creating MDG Union’s Project

Community Empowerment Program of BRAC and The Hunger Project Bangladesh jointly embraced a participatory approach towards creating Millennium Development Goal unions in Mymensingh district. The study aimed to assess the achievement of this project. A quasi-experimental design including pre-test and post-test surveys was used to assess the achievement of the project. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were used. A total of 2,007 households in experimental and 1,963 households in control areas were surveyed. Besides, to compare the findings with the baseline, data were extracted from 1,971 households in the baseline. The findings reveal that in experimental areas households were performing better than those in control and baseline areas particularly in children (6-10 years) enrollment rate in primary education, adult literacy rate, knowledge of HIV/AIDS, childhood immunization rate, safe water, sanitary latrine facility and participation in training in income-generating activities. However, there are still some challenges which needed to be addressed such as treatment-seeking behaviour during pregnancy, birth registration, and common people’s satisfaction with the local government. Thus, the project should emphasize the above-mentioned issues to achieve the objectives of the project.

Authors: Chodhuary, Shuburna; Islam, Md Akramul; Akther, Jesmin
Type: Report
Year: 2013