Adolescent Health, Nutrition and Sexual and Reproductive Health in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made substantial progress toward the Millennium Development Goals related to health and nutrition, including increased rates of immunization and reduced rates of infant under-nutrition, under-five and maternal mortality, and communicable diseases. Although improving, and relatively more accessible in urban areas compared to rural areas, inequities and unequal distribution in the provision of health services limits access. Malnutrition is also a common problem, and thinness and stunting among adolescent girls are widespread and persistent. This brief explores the health status of adolescents living in slums around Dhaka, focusing on access to health services, nutritional status, sexual and reproductive health, and drug and alcohol use. In Dhaka, baseline data collection entailed quantitative interviews with 780 adolescent girls and boys and more in-depth qualitative research involving 36 adolescents and their families and communities.

Authors: Alam, Farhana; Rashid, Sabina Faiz; Camfield, Laura; Sultan, Maheen; Muz, Jennifer
Type: Policy Brief
Year: 2019