Achievement of Competencies of the BRAC School Students

Using the test instrument developed for the Education Watch this study aims to do a comparative analysis of the learning achievement of three different types of BRAC primary education initiatives viz., non-formal primary education, community school, and formal school. A total of 1,594 students completing the full course of primary education in December 2004 from 100 schools were sampled for this assessment. Although the situation of the schools and learning environment were different by type, they all ran with similar aims of primary education in the country – this made the basis for comparison. The analysis revealed that in general the performances of the formal school students were better than those of the other two groups, followed by community school and non-formal school. The performance of the non-formal schools reduced slightly compared to the previous year. Disabled students were less likely to do well than their classmates. Finally, some weak areas were identified that needed effort for improvement.

Authors: Nath, Samir Ranjan; Shahjamal, Mirja M; Yasmin, Rosie Nilufar; Zafar, Tata; Kabir, Md. Mahbubul
Type: Report
Year: 2005