A Conceptual Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning and Adaptation (MELA) in NGOs

The significance of organizational learning in general and the learning roles of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in non-government organizations (NGOs) in particular is widely recognized. However, in many instances, the normative frameworks or recommendations tend to be overly theoretical or only partial to their real entirety, which limits their practical applications. This paper aims to contribute with a conceptual framework for monitoring and evaluation for learning and adaptation (MELA) specifically in NGOs. The MELA framework is designed to drive organizational and programmatic improvements by outlining a learning process that encompasses planning, creation, and adaptation based on the learning from M&E activities. The paper introduced the continuum of learning types, the planning process for adaptive management, characteristics of MELA, methodological implications for learning, and programmatic adaptations at operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

Author: Khakshi, James Ward
Type: Working Paper
Year: 2023