MELA- Partnership

Innovations for Poverty Action (ipa)

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was created and signed between Innovations for Poverty Actions (ipa) & BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) to facilitate cooperation in matters of common interest in the area of Monitoring, Evaluation Learning and Adaptation (MELA). The ultimate goal is to strengthen long-term collaboration between IPA & BIGD and help explore the possibility of providing advisory services on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. The collaboration between IPA and BIGD is set to organize capacity-building workshops and targeted institutional-strengthening actions for implementing organizations and donors, such as Theory of Change, M&E Indicators, robust evaluation methodologies, applied research methods, and other M&E-related workshops. In addition, IPA and BIGD will co-design and facilitate dissemination and policy outreach activities as well as the use of evidence in policy-making.

MEL Support to NGOs

BIGD is providing technical assistance in MEL to BRAC IED, ICDDR;b, BEN, and Synergos under the ‘Catalyzing WCD programme’ funded by Porticus in four crucial areas:

  1. Technical support in tool development for data collection
  2. Guideline development for MEL implementation
  3. Support in data analysis
  4. Provide MEL training

BEN has been provided training on developing a Theory of Change and technical support in shaping the outcomes and activities of their project under this programme.

BRAC IED was supported through insightful feedback and suggestions on their MEL framework. In addition, BIGD will review qualitative assessment tools to be developed by BRAC IED for observing government officials’ perspectives on WCD, particularly those officials enrolled as their MSc. students in the ECD programme.

Icddr, b has been provided training on developing a Theory of Change which helped them understand how rigorous research can be supported and enhanced by right-fit MEL activities. In addition, BIGD aims to support them in developing data analysis mechanisms for the capacity assessment of health workers.

Synergos has been supported in developing the MEL framework for their project under this programme. In addition, BIGD aims to support Synergos in developing tools for the indicators they will use to measure the outcomes.